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Beginners Bootcamps

We understand the word ‘Bootcamp’ can be a bit scary and joining an established group can be difficult for some people.  So we’ve designed a great 6 week Beginners Bootcamp so you can start at the same time as everyone else and train with a group of like-minded people.  Open to men and women this back to basics course is perfect for the complete novice, those returning from injury or pre/post natal ladies. 
During the 6 weeks, we will introduce you to exercises you may have heard of but don’t know how to do them….properly!!  These classes are not on our usual timetable – they’re just for you guys.  You will have a number of sessions available to you and we recommend you attend a minimum of 2 each week to get the most out of this course.  All sessions are 45 minutes as we feel this is sufficient time for a beginner. 
You will also get a pack which includes some great training tips, nutritional advice, a training diary and a voucher for discounted personal training sessions should you want to add some of these into your programme.  We also include a free consultation and weigh in if your goal is to lose weight.  We are also on hand any time you need support during these 6 weeks.  You can also join a dedicated WhatsApp group so you can keep in touch with the others and spur each other on!  Some of our previous bootcampers have met up for long walks/runs etc during the week but have all said it’s the extra support and team comradery that’s really enhanced their experience of bootcamp.  Have a look at our testimonials from past clients and read their experiences.

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Andrea Corthorn
Hello confidence!
I first saw the poster on Facebook for Parkfit's Beginners Bootcamp and thought this would be perfect for me. I suffered with social anxiety and depression and basically had isolated myself. I thought exercising as part of a group would help me leave my house but I was naturally very anxious about the first meet up. I'm so glad I faced my personal fear as everyone was so welcoming and non-judgmental. The enthusiasm from Harry and his team has boosted my confidence in my own abilities. Parkfit has literally given me new friends, fitness and above all mental wellness.
When I first started Parkfit Bootcamp I was so nervous within 10 minutes I thought i’d made a big mistake as I was so unfit but by the end of the 45 minute session I absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait for the next session!  Harry is great in that he encourages you but doesn’t put pressure on you and you go at your own pace.  The friends i’ve made from this class is an extra bonus too.  After a tough few years i’m now feeling so much better in myself physically and mentally.  I’ve even asked for vouchers for next year’s christmas present - no more shoes and handbags!
Dee Foulger
I started with the Beginners Bootcamp last June and I have not looked back.  I have always tried to do a bit of exercise going to the gym or cycling but always exercised alone so was nervous about group exercise.  However I have since realised the huge benefits to exercising in groups, such as the encouragement you get from other and the support to get better/fitter.  Plus you will laugh and enjoy it so much more!! You will quickly see the difference in your physical appearance through the exercises but you will also feel the difference in confidence and your mind!  I have just moved onto the main Parkfit group and find myself running around fields in the dark at 6am and I am loving it!!
Emily Milsom