Members Stories
Andrea Corthorn
Hello confidence!
I first saw the poster on Facebook for Parkfit's Beginners Bootcamp and thought this would be perfect for me. I suffered with social anxiety and depression and basically had isolated myself. I thought exercising as part of a group would help me leave my house but I was naturally very anxious about the first meet up. I'm so glad I faced my personal fear as everyone was so welcoming and non-judgmental. The enthusiasm from Harry and his team has boosted my confidence in my own abilities. Parkfit has literally given me new friends, fitness and above all mental wellness.
Liesha Pallett, Royston member
Great for busy mums
I have had 3 children all very close in age. After my third I started going back to the gym. Within 3 months or so, I was bored and had lost all motivation. My weight and body hadn’t changed for weeks, I was feeling completely deflated. Then someone told me about Parkfit and I thought I’d give it a go. I loved it from the second I joined! I have lost weight, built muscle - it’s suitable for every shape, size and ability. It’s a work out and a laugh with amazing people. I can also bring my kids with me to the mid-morning sessions which makes life as a busy mum so much easier. It’s definitely a game changer for anyone looking to work out outside and change up their exercise routine
Sally Duddy, Royston Member
Always a new challenge
I joined Parkfit about 5 years ago. I'd always been into fitness but just hadn't found something I loved or that challenged me. The instructors are great as they really encourage you no matter what level of fitness you are. I get bored really quickly but at Parkfit every single class is different (even after 5 years!) and the workouts and exercises challenge your whole body and not just one muscle group. I've improved my stamina and recovery and it's also given me the confidence to enter races which I've done with other Parkfit members - this is something i'd never have had the confidence to do before. I've made so many great friends and that's down to the atmosphere that Parkfit has - there really is nothing like it! I'm so proud to be part of Parkfit and to have found something that I love that still challenges me and still keeps me coming back!
Does exactly what it says on the tin! Gets you fit in the great outdoors! I have trained doing many different varieties of fitness over the years and I have to say Parkfit is by far the best. Anyone looking to get super fit or lose weight and meet some great people should get involved.
Darren Fellingham, Royston
Had my first session last night and I loved it, was hard work but came away feeling great and proud of myself for achieving a whole session. I have done no exercise in over 20 years so taking this step was massive for me, everyone was lovely.
Clair Marshall, Royston
By far the best way I have found to improve my fitness. Great atmosphere, varied lessons (which are always well planned,) to suit all abilities from beginners to advanced. You will find yourself loving the weather and classes whatever it throws at you.
Parkfit puts a smile on my face every lesson!
Jon Norton, Royston
2nd time for me. 1st stint ended 2 years ago due to job change. But now im back in Cambridge I came back and its even better. Variety is excellent and all staff are so easygoing and relaxed I really look forward to it and even if ive had a busy day at work I am inspired to be around like minded people.
Jim Leyden, Cambridge
An excellent way to stay fit with a great group of people. I've met so many lovely people I now call friends from joining Parkfit and have achieved more than I could imagine I would ever do and will do! Instructors are motivating and no sessions are the same! Would recommend to anyone needing that push to fitness!
Michelle Parrish, Royston
Love it! I used to see going to the gym as a chore but I really enjoy and look forward to the Parkfit sessions. The trainers are all friendly and encouraging.
Rebecca Ercole, Royston
Best ever classes I've been to, trainers are fantastic and encouraging and group so friendly, saw me right up to 8 and half months pregnant and was still going, didn't want to stop lol lol, now me and her both miss our early morning smashes
Denise Cole, Cambridge
Having not exercised for a very long time, to say I was anxious about joining Parkfit is an understatement! I was so relieved to be welcomed by such a friendly bunch of people. The sessions are so much fun, with no two sessions being the same. I am also loving exercising in the outdoors - much more interesting than staring at four walls of a gym!
Nicola Miller, Royston
Never thought I would join a bootcamp but I love it! Great training session for all abilities. Positive and encouraging instructors who always push you in a fun way. Every session is different. Child-friendly, so you can workout in the holidays while the kids play or join in.
Erika Bosman, Royston
This is the first form of exercise I've ever stuck with. It has been challenging but I've noticed a difference in my fitness, energy levels and body shape since I started. It is a lot of fun, each session is different and I have met great people.
Louise Mayhew, Maidstone
I was so anxious before going but I had a blast I'm so unfit but the whole team helped me along the trainer was amazing defo worth it I'm aching but can't wait to go back already!
Steph Dale, Parkfit Medway